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Internationally recognized as one of Europe’s top promoters, Gökhan is based in Brussels, Belgium, bringing 14 years of sports promotion experience to the fighting industry.

He served as the Founding Partner and President of BFN GROUP, Belgium’s premier VIP mixed martial arts and kickboxing promotion, established in collaboration with Swiss investors in 2010. 


In December 2010 BFN GROUP signed a deal with with the World Dutch Kickboxing Promotion Company called “IT’S SHOWTIME” for the use of it’s Brand as “BFN GROUP presents IT’S SHOWTIME” and March 2011 BFN GROUP promoted the first edition in Brussels at the Brussels’s EVENT LOUNGE. The event was exclusively set-up as a VIP a event with the dress code a Black-Tie Affair.

In 2012 BFN GROUP brought world championship boxing back to the Antwerpen City under the name of “BFN GROUP presents BOXING FIGHT NIGHT”
The exclusive VIP setting of BFN GROUP and IT’S SHOWTIME proved a great succeswhich was continued.

In June 2011 BFN GROUP promoted his second edition “BFN GROUP presents IT’S SHOWTIME,” in Warsaw”s Warszawskie Centrum EXPO XXI.

On September 2011, BFN Group promoted his 3rd edition presents ”BFN GROUP presents IT’S SHOWTIME” at the Brussels’s Forest National Arena, and named their edition “Fast & Furious 70 MAX” which featured a tournament with eight 70 kg kickboxers. This event took place in Brussels in front of 5,000 people.

In June 2012, ”BFN GROUP presents IT’S SHOWTIME”, The event was headlined by the Benelux retirement fight of the legendary Peter Aerts.

In addition, in September 2012, BFN GROUP promoted ”BFN GROUP presents BOXING FIGHT NIGHT 1” which included a female IBF titile fight between the Belgian Delfine Persoon versus Erin McGowan and a European super welterweight title beetwen Belgian Jackson Osei Bonsu versus French Jimmy Colas, which included world famous announcer MICHAEL BUFFER.

On February 16th, 2019 in Roselaere, Belgium, for the second time he set up again the best boxing promotion in Belgium as ”BFN GROUP presents BOXING FIGHT NIGHT 2” which included a Cruiserweight EBU title fight between the Belgian Yves Ngabuversus the challenger Danish Micki Nielsen.

April 2022 we signed a deal with with a mixed martial arts Company called “MMA BUSHIDO” for the use of it’s Brand as “MMA BUSHIDO BELGIUM” and June 2022 we promoted the first edition in Brussels at the Kraainem’s venue “Kraainem Event”. The event was exclusively set-up as a VIP a event with the dress code a Black-Tie Affair.

In March 2023 we promoted the second edition ”MMA BUSHIDO BELGIUM 2,” in in the same venue “Kraainem Event”.

In April 2023 we promoted the 3rd edition ”MMA BUSHIDO BULGARIA,” in Sofia’s Universiada Sports Hall.

On January 2024, we promoted our 4th edition ”MMA BUSHIDO BELGIUM 3” at the Wavre’s La Sucrerie venue. This event took place in Wavre in front of 1,000 people.


The inaugural event of APOLLO MMA, the first in a long series, will take place in Wavre, Belgium, at La Sucrerie on May 18th under the name APOLLO 1.


Promotion’s best prospects, champions and contenders.

APOLLO MMA is a professional Mixed Martial Arts promotion that provides rising stars and top contenders the opportunity to showcase their talent to fans and industry leaders. Also known as APOLLO, it is the largest combat sports promotion in Belgium.

The promotion was founded in 2022 under the name MMA BUSHIDO before rebranding as APOLLO MMA.